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Released April 2, 2021 · consists of 2 releases.

Fantasian is a fantasy role-playing game featuring over 150 hand-made diorama backgrounds. The game's story comes from Final Fantasy creator Hironobu Sakaguchi and features music from legendary composer Nobuo Uematsu.

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· August 31, 2021

Fantasian is a very demanding experience, and you really have to be in love with its mechanics to put up with it all. Heaven knows the narrative isn’t going to keep you motivated. Fantasian is an absolute masterpiece in most regards, and yet I find myself struggling to recommend it.
RPG Site
· August 31, 2021

Fantasian is a fantastic RPG, and will probably be a strong contender for GOTY deliberations later this year. Though it might not hurt to wait for a few patches for lingering issues to be resolved, and to consider if you’re up for the challenge that the game will provide.
Noisy Pixel
· May 19, 2021

Fantasian is a love letter to old-school RPGs, with clear ties to classic systems that fans love but with added accessibility for newcomers. Its story could use a bit more creative twist to differentiate itself, but as this colorful cast remembers their past, longtime fans of the genre might recall adventures long since forgotten. In its turn-based nature, the battle system manages to feel fresh through unique abilities, which make this a must-play for anyone craving a classic JRPG experience. longtime fans will recall adventure long since forgotten.
· May 03, 2021

Fantasian was something of an impulse play for me. I hadn’t considered getting an Apple Arcade subscription before I found out about the game, but so far, I’m glad I did. Of course, I’m pretty immersed in the Apple ecosystem, so it was an easier adjustment for me than it might be for others. I’d like to hope that Fantasian may one day make its way to other systems — it felt like it would be right at home on console and PC when I played it on my Apple TV — but for now, it’s Apple or bust. I absolutely think the game is worth it. It’s such a delightful and nostalgic adventure, especially if you’re like me and your first Final Fantasy was on the original PlayStation.

· April 20, 2021

This standard plot isn’t enough to take away from everything Fantasian does well, though. In fact, it is because the game follows such a classic JRPG format that you likely won’t even notice you’ve been playing it for 20+ hours when all is said and done, which is quite the accomplishment for a mobile title.
· April 16, 2021

Fantasian is an atmospheric roleplaying game - the best of its kind in Apple Arcade. A stylish as well as placid experience unfolds, even with the story taking quite some time and the battles being too easy.
Post Arcade (National Post)
· April 15, 2021

Fantasian draws clear inspiration from mid-numbered Final Fantasy games. From its orthodox structure — players are put in control of a party of heroes who explore towns, dungeons, and an overworld map, with turn-based battle occurring at random intervals — to its sci-fi-cum-fantasy vibe, which includes grand airships, imaginative monsters, and even glowing save crystals, anyone who played a turn-of-the-century Japanese role-playing game is going to experience some welcome nostalgia here — especially when Uematsu’s signature battle music and themes kick in.
Game Rant
· April 15, 2021

Despite the generic plot, Fantasian is a completely serviceable JRPG that checks all the boxes, plays with some interesting new ideas, and has a gorgeous diorama world for players to explore. It doesn't feel like the proper last big hoorah for legendary game developer Hironobu Sakaguchi or composer Nobuo Uematsu (who does a tremendous job with the soundtrack), but it's still a decent, familiar JRPG experience and one of the more interesting games currently available on Apple Arcade.
· April 14, 2021

Much as our heroes are caught between two worlds, Fantasian has one foot in design dogma while the other paddles around cautiously in new ideas. The result is a lengthy and sumptuous genre piece, the equivalent of a good Netflix movie that you probably wouldn’t watch at the cinema. These days, that’s more of a compliment than it used to be.
Metro GameCentral
· April 12, 2021

The unique art style belies a game that is, for the most part, ruthlessly old fashioned, but in a way that will please old school Final Fantasy fans and maybe even make some new ones.

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