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Released July 4, 2019 · consists of 1 releases.

TEPPEN is a real-time card game featuring characters from the Capcom universe.

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First release date July 4, 2019
Platform iPhone , iPad , Android
Developer GungHo Online Entertainment
Publisher Capcom
Genre Card Game


An online card-battle game with real-time battle action, forcing players to pay attention throughout the battle. Players must select a Hero and build decks with a mix of Unit and Action cards to take advantage of their Hero's ability and defeat their opponents. The first player to eliminate the HP of the enemy wins.


In a world where various Capcom universes are intertwined, a mysterious woman has been going around leading heroes and villains alike to a place called the "Land of Illusion" for her unknown agenda.



Each player chooses a Hero and (depending on that Hero's level) can select one out of three Hero Arts for that Hero to use, which charges with the MP cost of every card they play in the match. Decks can be built with a maximum of 30 Cards, and up to 3 Elements (see below) can be used in the same deck. However, Decks containing 2 Elements can only hold cards up to 5 MP, and 3 Elements can only hold cards up to 3 MP.

There are two main types of cards:

Unit Cards

As the name suggests, these are the characters from different Capcom universes that can be placed on the field (maximum of 3 per side at any time) with two main numbers: Attack power on top, and Health Points (HP) on the bottom. When a Unit's HP is reduced to 0, they are generally removed from the field and placed in the Graveyard, unless there are activated Abilities that say otherwise.

After the release of Adventures of a Tiny Hero, all Unit Cards are now categorized into one of six Tribes:

  • Beast
  • Creature
  • Demon
  • Human
  • Machine
  • Monster

Two more Tribes were added under the "天都ノ國絵巻 The Tale of Amatsu no Kuni" expansion pack:

  • Kami
  • Spirit

Some Units may be included in two Tribes at the same time, and be included in Actions that effect either Tribe.

Action Cards

Active abilities that can be played as long as the player has mana, sets off "Active Response" where each player has a chance to respond by playing an Action Card of their own (if they have the mana to do so) or simply Resolve the action. If multiple Action Cards are played in a chain, the Actions will resolve in reverse order.


Cards are split into four elements, which generally fall along these lines:

  • Red: For those who prefer to focus on pure damage and boosting damage output to crush enemies through brute force, with some Action Cards that can deal direct damage to enemies or even the enemy Hero themselves.
  • Green: For those who want to heal and shield allies to keep them in the fight as long as possible. Contains multiple Units capable of healing themselves, other Units, and their Heroes.
  • Purple: For those who like using passive and active abilities to control the field. This element has everything from debuffing and sabotaging enemy units, to buffing allied units, to negating Action cards, and more.
  • Black: An element that deals heavily in death and high-risk, high-reward strategies. Units that are killed may not stay down in the Graveyard for long. Also contains Action cards that sacrifice allied units to deliver crushing blows to the enemy, and cards that risk the Hero's health to empower allies and destroy enemies.


The following Heroes are currently playable in Teppen:

Name Franchise Element
Ryu Street Fighter Red
Rathalos Monster Hunter Red
X Mega Man Green
Chun-Li Street Fighter Green
Morrigan Darkstalkers Purple
Dante Devil May Cry Purple
Albert Wesker Resident Evil Black
Nergigante Monster Hunter Black
Jill Valentine Resident Evil Red
Nero Devil May Cry Green
Akuma Street Fighter Black
Zero Mega Man Purple
Felyne Monster Hunter Green
Amaterasu Okami Red
Oichi Sengoku Basara Black
Ada Wong Resident Evil Purple

Players can build a deck with whatever Elements they wish, but building a single-Element deck with a different Element from that of the chosen Hero will count as containing 2 Elements by default.


Day of Nightmares

Added: September 2, 2019

This Resident Evil-themed event introduced Jill Valentine as a new Hero. In addition, the cards in this set included 2 new passive abilities:

  • Explore: Adds specified Action card to an empty EX Pocket slot, if available, that will usually buff an ally in some way. Explore abilities can be triggered in a variety of ways depending on the card, or forcibly invoked through certain Action cards.
  • Spillover: Half of damage dealt to enemy Unit hits adjacent enemy Units.

The Devils Awaken

Added: October 31, 2019

This Devil May Cry V-themed event Introduced Nero as a new Hero. In addition, cards in this set included 2 new passive abilities:

  • Growth: Unit cards with this gain a special meter that triggers new abilities with each level of meter as noted on the Unit's card. The Growth meter can be filled by playing additional Unit cards (with more meter gained from Units that cost higher MP to play), certain Action cards, or when certain abilities are invoked.
  • Anti-Air: Allows non-Flight Units to counterattack units with Flight.

The Force Seekers

Added: January 7, 2020

This Street Fighter-themed event introduced Akuma as a new Hero. In addition, the cards in this set included 2 new passive abilities:

  • Indestructible: Unit is immune to <Destroy> Actions. [Only one card currently has this ability.]
  • Ascended: Abilities can be activated on a new Unit card by laying it on top of an allied one currently in play, destroying the Unit underneath.

Haunted by Memories

Added: March 2, 2020

This Mega Man X-themed event introduced Zero as a new Hero. In addition, the cards in this set included a new passive ability:

  • Memory: Extra abilities are activated if the number of Actions played by the player in the battle are greater than or equal to the Memory number on the card.

Adventures of a Tiny Hero

Added: July 1, 2020

This Monster Hunter-themed event introduced Felyne as a new Hero, joining Nero on his journey to the Land of Illusion. This event also introduced the concept of Tribes, reclassifying all Unit cards (even those from previous events) as belonging to one of six specific Tribes. Several Abilities from this pack can be used to empower cards from different Tribes.

The Tale of Amatsu no Kuni

Added: October 1, 2020

This event introduced Amaterasu as a new Hero, as well as new cards spanning both the Okami and Sengoku Basara franchises. The event also added two new Tribes to the pool of Unit Cards: Kami and Spirit.

  • Crush: Unit can deal attack damage without suffering any counter damage.

The Battle of Amatsu no Kuni

Added: January 5, 2021

This event mostly continued the previous one, introducing a darker version of Oichi from Sengoku Basara as a new Hero, with more cards that contained Death-triggering abilities outside of Black decks.

A Dark Agenda

Added: March 1, 2021

This event revealed Ada Wong as the new Hero, as the mysterious woman who has been leading other Heroes from various Capcom universes to the Land of Illusion. This expansion introduced new cards from the Strider franchise into the game.

Ace vs. The People

Added: April 30, 2021

This event added cards with characters from the Ace Attorney and Dead Rising franchises to the game. Unlike other expansions, this one did not introduce a new playable Hero, though Phoenix Wright could be acquired as a skin for Chun-Li. In addition, two new passive abilities were introduced:

  • Evidence: Certain Unit or Action cards have effects that collect "Evidence" points for the player.
  • Present: similar to Memory, an extra ability is triggered if the number of Evidence collected is equal to or greater than the number on the card. However, using Present will consume the requisite number of Evidence collected.

Another change this expansion introduced was rotating the first three expansion packs out of the "Standard" deck pool, meaning no cards from these packs could be used in ranked play, but were still available in custom "Unlimited" matches.

Dragons of War

Added: July 1, 2021

This event added cards with characters from the Breath of Fire series, and introduced another passive ability:

  • Quest: similar to <Growth>, cards with Quest have a separate level meter, and gain a level each time their attached Quest condition is fulfilled.

In addition, this event took the Haunted By Memories pack out of the Standard deck rotation.

Island of Fear

Added September 1, 2021

Another Resident Evil themed expansion. Unlike previous events, this one did not come with a cinematic trailer announcing it. There were very few changes to gameplay, other than the <Victory> passive ability being renamed to <Decimate>, and the introduction of the first card with the <MP Boost: 100> Ability.

Mission of Ruin

Added November 5, 2021

This expansion added the <Faith> passive ability. When a unit with Faith dies, it gives another Unit in the player's hand or EX Pocket +1/+1, as long as they also have <Faith>.


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Platform Android
Region United States
Developer GungHo Online Entertainment
Publisher Capcom
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Minimum Players 1
Maximum Players 2
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